Who we are

  • Pinstone Securities Limited is a company based in Watlington, UK. We are a data controller of personal data
  • For enquiries about data security and privacy, please contact
  • We reserve the right to adjust this policy from time to time as we continue to improve our services

What information we collect

  • Personal contact details such as full name, address, contact details and contact history
  • Records of your contact with us such as notes from telephone conversations and a record of email contact
  • Records of goods and services we have commissioned to/from suppliers
  • Anonymised information about how our website is used including third-party analytics services and small cookie files saved on your computer

From where we collect this information

  • From the information, you provide when meeting, calling, emailing, entering into agreements with us or messaging us

How we use your information

  • To produce records of our financial activity to comply with HMRC guidance
  • To manage any aspect of our services and dealings with our suppliers and customers
  • To contact you about our goods and services.
  • To improve our services as a business
  • To guide our business decisions

On what grounds do we collect your information?

  • To comply with HMRC and regulatory guidance on financial record keeping
  • It is within our legitimate interest to keep a record of your contact with us to improve our service to you
  • It is within our legitimate interest to keep a record of your personal details for market research
  • It is within our legitimate interest to keep a record of your personal details for the provision of our services (e.g. property management and ownership)

How we share information

  • Pinstone Securities Ltd will never sell your information to a third party
  • We will share your personal information if requested to do so by Governmental or regulatory bodies in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. These include but are not limited to HMRC and the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  • When necessary we will share your personal information with debt recovery agencies

For how long do we hold your information

  • We will retain your information for as long as we have legitimate and reasonable business needs
  • We will retain your information in line with legal and regulatory requirements

How you can unsubscribe or ask to be forgotten

  • Where we are relying on your consent to process your personal data, you can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us
  • If you wish to have all your personal information removed permanently, please email with your name and address. We will then contact you to let you know the outcome (this may depend on contractual obligations that you have with us)